Nicky Hayden girlfriend and his personal life

May 26, 2013 | Grand Prix, News |

He is one of the most popular motorcycle road racers who is currently competing in MotoGP series. He is mostly known by his cute nickname The Kentacky Kid but his fans from all over the world would certainly be happy to know more about him. So here are some pieces of information on his personal life such as the answer to the frequently asked question related to Nicky Hayden girlfriend.

Nicky Hayden girlfriendThings to know about Nicky

All that are fans of motorcycle and races have heard of the name Nicky Hayden. The question is how much you actually know about him. He was born on the 30th of July back in 1981 and by the sound of his nickname you might guess where he was born – Kentucky. He started his professional career rather early but he became vastly popular when he started competing in the MotoGP class in 2003. When it comes to his professional MotoGP career, it can be said that it has two parts as from 2003 to 2008 he was driving Honda motorcycle. During the Hinda era, namely in 2006, he became MotoGP world champion. As from the 2009 season Nicky Hayden has been driving the Ducati motocycle and he continued their partnership in the 2013 season. What most of you don’t know is that he wears the same racing number his father did. Moving to Nicky Hayden personal life and trying to find out more on the topic of Nicky Hayden girlfriend.

Nicky Hayden personal life

You are all interested in finding out whether there is some Nicky Hayden girlfriend  list but you will have to be patient for some time more. When it comes to his previous romantic relationship it is very hard to find out whether any of the celebrity ladies has been connected with him. However, it seems that nothing can be found about Nicky Hayden girlfriend list except for some of the questions and posts on fan forums. When it comes to forums there are many that turn to discuss on the sexuality of his and other motorcycle racers including Rossi and Pedrosa too. There have been many speculations on the sexuality of him and apparently it is claimed on many forums that Nicky Hayden girlfriend list does not exist because he’s gay. However, are these speculations true?

Nicky Hayden girlfriend

Is there Nicky Hayden girlfriend?

He is one of the rare sportsmen who has never been connected to any of the ladies out there. There have been some speculations that he has been dating an anonymous model and in some interviews he said that he is not ready to have a girlfriend as he would not be able to focus his full attention on her… So ladies, Nicky Hayden girlfriend spot is still opened. Good Luck!